Bark Busters Client Reviews

"I was really impressed, I had a number of issues with my dog Millie that I had become concerned about, Mainly barking ,difficulty walking( Millie had become an escape artist) and unpredictability. My trainer Tina has totally restored my confidence and I never expected to achieve all that we achieved in the first session. It was clear that I had allowed my dog Millie to train me and that I needed to become the pack leader. The passive approach to leadership makes so much sense and Millie really appeared to love the training session. I am really looking forward to putting it all into practice"
S.S., Biggin Hill, Kent 25th July 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A beautiful dog, but a large strong breed that had got out of collars, harnesses and anything. As a result her owner was unable to walk her safely so it had been some time since she'd had a walk. A large garden compensated and she is very much loved, but......So we worked on calm easy changes to her routine, that immediately showed her that her owner had taken the top job and there was no longer a vacancy! At the start of the session I did not expect to be at the point that we could get her out on lead, but after an hour or so she had demonstrated a desire to please and we put her in a new style harness and with a lead each for safety, off we went. Only a couple of moments where she became a little spooked, but we waited calmly not pulling and encouraged her to follow us. She was a perfect girl.

"Tina was very friendly and I found her easy to talk to about Maisie's behaviour and didn't feel like I was being judged. Her advice was very informative and was explained to me in a way that I understood, it just seemed so obvious once I had spoken to her. We started training on various issues and Tina showed me what I needed to do. I noticed a difference straight away. I am continuing with all the exercises and am seeing an improvement every day."
S.S., Maidstone, Kent 18th July 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Maisie is a nervous girl and needs to feel safe and gently controlled and not that she has to alert her owners to every sound outside! In the past she has been aggressive to dogs and people as she really didn't know how to handle the situations. Now that her owner is taking the leading role, she will feel safe and secure and not have to make decisions; that's her owners job! She also has a confident tiny pup and it's important that the pup doesn't learn any bad habits!

"Training was great. We have a long list of training instructions to follow for our three dogs. Tina has been very helpful, she has replied quickly to texts and phone calls when I have needed advice. She is coming back round to continue work on their excessive barking. I have recommended bark busters to friends."
J.O., Chatham, Kent 15th July 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A good solid first session, but one of the dogs is still feeling that he has to be on guard for the rest of the pack! Being an anxious/nervous boy it's important to show him that he can be "off duty" and that the humans can control visitors etc!

"Tina explained everything clearly and sensitively. She was very informative and helpful, working with both my husband and I on simple puppy training. I hope to contact her again soon for a further session."
V.R., Reigate, Surrey 12th July 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Two gorgeous puppies with very different personalities, responding differently to the training. Both were responsive and the owner should have great fun teaching them together and separately to ensure that they bond with the humans and not just with each other!

"Tina was very helpful and precise as to how we deal with most of the issues that we have with Gypsy. We will put in place the things she has suggested that we do although I am not confident that we are going to overcome her dog agression."
M.B., Canterbury, Kent 27th June 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Gypsy will take time to be rehabilitated, but already her owner has reported progress. Lots of work is needed in home and garden to make sure that she is responding in "easy" circumstances before she will be able to trust her owners decisions and not make her own!

"Tina was very helpful. Showing us how to help our dogs in the environment we live in, adapting the training to suit us all. Helping us spot potential difficulties and giving us techniques to prevent them developing into problems. I would thoroughly recommend her to any one who wants a healthy happy dog. Thank you Tina"
L.S., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 9th May 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Two beautiful sibling females who as 1 yr olds were beginning to display the potential for sibling rivaly, although that was not the issues for which I'd been called in. They were boisterous, still toileting indoors and as strong dogs were difficult to walk on lead. We looked at the whole situation and I spotted and pointed out several occasions when the girls were beginning to challenge each other. Very subtle signs and to an owner not necessarily important, but as a behaviourist, I was able to point out the potential rivalry that could escalate to nasty fights. Having shown and talked through and shown what to do on that issue we progressed to the other matters. Two strong dogs jumping up, friendly but disrespectful to owner and visitors, a bit of a nightmare on lead and the toileting. We discussed diet and how dogs like to protect feeding areas, I showed them techniques, to control their behaviour when visitors arrived and also how to teach them to walk on loose leads. I demonstrated with the dogs to teach them what was expected then gave all the controls/techiniques to their owners. Both dogs responded really well and were happily tired and relaxed by the end of our 3.5 hours.

"I am amazed at the difference Tina has made to our dog and our enjoyment of her over the last year. It has surpassed my wildest expectations. I cannot thank Tina enough for all her patience and time in resolving the issues we had."
P.C., Minster on Sea, Kent 23rd April 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A young an anxious Labrador taken on by a couple who's daughter couldn't cope with her dog's behaviour and her busy family life. Initially, my client's called me as they intended to get her behaviour sorted so that they could rehome her. However, within a couple of months they had fallen in love with her and when they saw the "real" dog appearing, there was no way they were ever going to let her go! She was scared of noises, reactive to people and dogs on the street and my last meeting with her was in a park, where for the first time she was happy to greet and play with other dogs. I have since heard that they have repeated this and are thrilled to have such a beautiful happy, relaxed girl.

"I was pinning all my hopes on Tina being the one to finally point me in the right direction to help Jock live a stress free happier life. She certainly didn't dissapoint, within minutes I felt at ease, she is warm, and easy to talk to. The difference she made to all four dogs in the household was nothing short of phenomenal. The rest is up to me the owner, Tina has given me the guidelines to make this happen, and I will happily work alongside her to achieve the very best for my boy. Thank you Tina, you're a star."
M.J., Canterbury, Kent 23rd April 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A dog who hadn't had the best start in life was so lucky to find this family and pack of dogs to give him good role models, but he hadn't quite got the hang of letting others make the decisions and his were not good!! We had a great afternoon, working with all four dogs and his owners are now well on the way to getting the dog he is meant to be. I'm looking forward to hearing an update and working with them to help his anxiety behaviour around other dogs and strangers. Roll on the next visit!

"Tina was great. She showed us how the things we thought we were doing well, with sometimes a little and sometimes a lot of tweaking can change the dog we have. The things she showed us are so easy and achievable that with consist work on our side Rusty will be the dog we want him to be. Tina was not at all judgemental and understood the way that we had treated Rusty so far. She showed us how different and obedient Rusty can be with just the few hours work."
A.S., Maidstone, Kent 18th April 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Many people who have had dogs before and had great success in training them are mystified as to why "this dog is not like any other I've had!" Most dogs I'll never meet as they are the happy go lucky middle pack dogs who may not be perfect, but have no major issues. Other dogs with low or high pack personalities (only about 25% of dogs) are more difficult to train and need a different type of training. I teach the owners of these dogs to "speak dog"!! Just using different body language and voice, showing and guiding into new behaviour, lots of praise allows the real dog to come out. Rusty is gorgeous, I had lots of kisses from him, he loved his training and "new" pack leaders.

"Tina has a very thorough approach which she makes clear and easy to understand. We've had three sessions so far and even after the first one we saw great improvements with Jeffrey (1yr old German shepherd) going from pulling on the lead to walking to heal and from being in charge of us in the house to us being in charge of him. A really fantastic improvement and we now feel in control! Jeff struggles with other dogs, he likes to guard us and this is what we're now working on, something that we're aware will take time but that Tina has made seem manageable. She's given us the reassurance we need to keep going."
C.J., Reigate, Surrey 8th April 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A lovely young dog, but with the GSD instinct to guard and take things too far! Today we worked in a park looking for other dogs (on lead) so that we could work in a relaxed and confident way to show Jeffrey that there is another way to behave around other dogs. The ultimate aim will be for him to be off lead, respond to recall and interact properly with other dogs. We're on the way and he did very well today.

"Tina was very helpful in training "me"! I now have to put into practice everything I learned and be consistent and patient."
M.B., Sevenoaks, Kent 6th April 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Frankie was a large lively young boy who was taking his owner for walks and although very friendly wanted to jump up at all visitors. He also had a problem wanting to get to other dogs on walks, only to play, but being so strong and it being a rural area, there were no pavements and he was pulling his owner over the road! We worked on basic communication teaching his owner how to "speak dog" so that Frankie understood. He's a great dog and my last session he was very much calmer and responsive to his owner.

"Tina was very knowledgable and helpful regarding the issues with Zighy. Although still early days, we are confident the training and techniques will eventually ease his anxiety and make him a lot happier."
N.D., MAIDSTONE, Kent 9th March 2015
Trainer's Comments:
At initial meeting Zighy seems quite a confident dog, but he has major issues about being left. We worked on some basics, teaching him in subtle ways that he doesn't have to worry about being left and practiced leaving him, firstly in just a different room and gradually to simulated leaving him. He responded very well and although there is no magic wand, slow consistent recondition will give his owners a much happier, contented dog.

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Canny Collar training. Just been to High Elms and had loose leads the whole hour and barely a growl when encountering other dogs. AMAZING!!"
C.T., Sevenoaks, Kent 15th February 2015
Trainer's Comments:
I first saw this client last November and with two lively dogs and a new baby things were somewhat difficult! The dogs are fine with the baby, but were barking non stop at every tiny noise and pulling like mad on lead. The owner worked hard and practiced the training indoors every day and made great progress, but was still having problem on lead work. I worked again on some hoover attacking and then we tried them in little gentle head collars. The result? Perfect walking on lead! Now they can join in walks next to the buggy under total control.

"Superb training, with a patient and knowledgable trainer, who identified exactly our problems and was excellent to work with. Calvin is already a different dog, and we now know what we (not he!) were doing wrong, and how to rectify it and maintain his behaviour as we wish it to be. Astonishing. Advice on Jasper most helpful too."
I.M., Marden, Kent 12th January 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A lovely young Schnauzer and a puppy Welsh Terrier. Calvin was beginning to run the household and sounding very aggressive at the poor postman knocking at the door! I thought that he might be a little stubborn with the training, but he loved it and responded really well. All the work we did will work well with the puppy too, but with the Lifetime support guarantee they can call me back for any problems.

"After getting a new puppy Herbie's separation anxiety returned with a vengeance. He would spend all the time we were out sniffing under the kitchen door damaging his nose and causing it to bleed. We were so sad to see him like this so we called Tina back after she had helped us about 2 years ago. Herbie knows Tina means business! He quickly got back into it as did we. He responded straight away to the techniques Tina showed us to he point where he hasn't hurt his nose since she came over. I'm so glad I took out the lifetime guarantee, it has given me peace of mind knowing Tina is there for us. Her techniques make perfect sense and work straight away. I recommend her to everyone who ever complains of an unruly pooch!"
K.S., Ramsgate, Kent 24th December 2014
Trainer's Comments:
Herbie was only a young dog when I first met him and very anxious and nervous. I recommended a cosy crate for him to retreat to if he felt worried and we practiced lots of short "leaving" sessions. With the entrance of little Olive, all previous training slipped and his owners started to feel sorry for Herbie as Olive was more confident and got more attention. However, when I saw him again he was more confident and actually allowed me to fuss him! We started on the daily programme once again reminding his owners how important it was to be consistent and he (and Olive) has responded. I am just a call away if any further problems occur.

"We have been very impressed with the progress Rodney has been making - there is still some way to go, but we have the tools we need and Tina is always on hand to keep us all focused. Rodney is coming up to 7 and was getting progressively more unruly. Tina is proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Rodney is enjoying his training and now he is better behaved we are enjoying him more too."
P.L., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 23rd November 2014
Trainer's Comments:
A scatty Red Setter, need I say more??!! He had become a problem barking and showing aggression at their gate to postmen and others who passed and his owners were concerned bearing in mind the new dog laws. Rodney is a very sweet boy, but had been left to his own decisions and now he understands that his owners are making the decisions he is a much happier, contented and responsive boy.

"Bertie is a dog transformed! We are owners transformed!! Tina has helped Bertie to understand his place in the family and we are responding well to her training too! We have ways of dealing with Bertie's aggression now and his jumping up is a thing of the past. It is early days and we are practicing all we have been taught, but just one week ago I never thought Bertie would be as content as he is now."
S.T., Dover, Kent 20th November 2014
Trainer's Comments:
Bertie had been guarding toys, food and other stolen items trying to exert his authority over his family and had to be confined to the kitchen to control his boisterousness and naughty behaviours. He responded very quickly to the change in communication methods, really loving all the attention he got from the fun games (training!) we devised to help him understand that his decisions were not good ones!!

"Things were very clearly and practically explained with helpful demonstration of techniques. Tina was informative and knowledgeable and importantly not critical of anything we had done thus far so supportive and clear on what we should do going forward. Despite the fact there is a lot to take in Tina made us feel confident we can be successful with our training of Edgar. In terms of the rating requested below it is difficult to give a full appraisal as we have only had one session. The session was very good and we have no reason to believe any future sessions will be anything other than helpful."
M.L., Benenden, Kent 14th November 2014
Trainer's Comments:
Such a lovely pup, but there again all pups are gorgeous!! He did respond really well and I have no doubt that with quiet, calm consistent work, he'll be a dog to be proud of.

"Tina seemed to immediately transform Charlie and show us how to become his leader and he was very receptive and is much calmer already, cant wait for the next session!"
A.S., Crowborough, East Sussex 10th November 2014
Trainer's Comments:
A very handsome dog who had recently ignored recall and chased sheep. A very serious situation and to be able to let him off lead, he must learn to respond to his owners - his life could depend on it. However, he responded so well to the training and I'm sure when I next see him his owners will be able to show off his new found delight in coming back when called regardless of distractions!

"Everything was explained clearly and some improvements were very clear after the initial visit."
C.G., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 5th November 2014
Trainer's Comments:
Good consistent daily training will continue the improvements already achieved. He responded very well to the work put in place and I look forward to seeing the improvements for my self!

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