Bark Busters Client Reviews

"Tina was fantastic she could see the problems straight away, the techniques I was shown I have stuck too and can see a change in my dogs already . Looking forward to two different dogs in the future. So a big thank you to Tina"
H.R., Ramsgate, Kent 30th March 2016
Trainer's Comments:
This was a session involving a large dog who was beginning to show defensive aggression to some people and was a definite "puller"! Two dogs in the family with different issues, so we did some ground work with both and then separately.

"Tina was exceptional; calm and demonstrated an understanding of our concerns and how we can move forward and why Jeff was behavouring the way he was. After just a short time he is a pleasure to walk on his lead and it is lovely to feel in control. French bulldogs are stubborn we have picked him up before and carried him home after he refused to walk, he constantly pulled on his lead now he walks calmly by my side. Tina is wonderful,it's like she waved a magic wand,we have carried on with the techniques and we initially thought he will not respond once she leaves, he now sits and waits,walks nicely and is respectful."
T.J., Paddock Wood, Kent 3rd February 2016
Trainer's Comments:
A little dog who had accidentally been given the "top job" in the household! Knowing the breed, I was surprised at how quickly he responded being much happier and relaxed by the end of our session. I am particularly pleased to hear that the walking exercises have paid off and that he is now walking nicely, as that was quite a struggle towards the end of a tiring couple of hours using his brain working out how to please his owners and hear their praise.

"Tina was extremely professional and helpful, offering all sorts of advice from diet through to attempting to solve Cookie's behavioural difficulties. My husband and I were both impressed with Tina's knowledge and approach and Cookie took to her immediately. We are working through the exercises Tina suggested as the groundwork towards Cookie's aggression with other dogs. Although we have rated our experience, we are at the very beginning of the process and are working towards our target."
K.D., Crowborough, East Sussex 1st February 2016
Trainer's Comments:
I'm looking forward to hearing from Cookie's owners with a full update on her improvements. She was very responsive and loved every minute of our work showing her owners how to gain her respect and happy responses to the new "wanted" behaviour!

"We are only 3.5 weeks into training but we have good results. It is not always easy to fit as much training into our life with work and 2 other dogs, but I do as much as I can. I realise that the best way is to try to work the training sessions into all your moves during the day. Treating all dogs the same, the older dogs have found hard, as happy in their old ways. Best to try to stick to a routine, be consistent. More than happy with the service so far."
A.K., SEVENOAKS, Kent 19th January 2016
Trainer's Comments:
2nd visit today and what great progress,despite a very busy lifestyle, dogs, horses, humans and work, the training has shown a huge improvement to a very clever, but very lively young boy. We worked on recall, distance control and attentiveness today and I'm looking forward to hearing an update in a couple of weeks so we can decide what next steps to take.


Tina was professional, warm and clearly knowledgeable. Having felt that we had lost direction in how to best manage our dog's challenges, we now feel refocused and empowered. Only two days into the methods, we know we made the right decision and are looking forward to our follow up sessions with Tina.

S.L., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 18th January 2016
Trainer's Comments:

Both these dogs have lovely gentle personalities, but needed more confidence in their owners decisions, to stop making their own! One is very anxious outside and the other has become protective/reactive to other dogs when on lead. Both made great progress in our first session.

"We are very pleased with all that Tina has done with us so far. Clemmie is certainly 'work in progress' and we still have a way to go but feel confident that we can get there with Tina's help."
T.H., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 11th January 2016
Trainer's Comments:
A young working breed dog, with huge amounts of energy, but when you get past the adrenalin, a beautiful, willing to please sweet girl. Food is a big part of her behaviour problem, so that is one area that we are looking at. Getting all cereal/rice out to reduce her hyperactivity (dogs can't digest cereal like we can)providing a good natural diet will help her owner by improving her concentration levels for the rehab training.

"We were so impressed, within two minutes of Tina arriving Alfies behaviour improved immensely. His problem mainly is jumping up at friends when they arrive and not leaving them alone for their whole visit.Consequently, we dont have many visitors ! Tina explained how to tackle the problem and had Alfie calm very quickly. Her instructions are very easy to follow and make alot of sense. Alfie is a rescue dog and has alot of issues but I am completely confident that with Tinas help we will succeed."
A.H., wrotham heath, Kent 9th January 2016
Trainer's Comments:
Alfie's a very friendly and clever boy, but his demands for attention are excessive and unfortunately though he doesn't realise it, they can hurt! Our techniques take the form of a change in communication, I teach the owners how to show and guide dogs, in effect to "speak dog"! Alfie was a star pupil, after a couple of demonstrations, his owners took over and began to show him that his behaviour, should change. He got loads more fuss and cuddles as a result and became calm, relaxed and happy. More work to do, but a great start!

"We found Tina, polite, friendly and really good to work with, Milly has improved about 90% since our first meeting. My husband doubted my decision to book, but is really open now and proud already for what "our training" has already achieved. We look forward to our next session and learning more of Tina's knowledge, guidance and training to help improve Millys life! Face to face and home environment training is definately working us! Really pleased with the results aleady!"
T.G., Caterham, Surrey 8th January 2016
Trainer's Comments:
Milly was an ex breeding bitch (probably from a puppy farm)thankfully rehomed by these owners. She is not a young dog, but among the issues were dog aggression, pulling, jumping stealing. She had been known to just snatch biscuits from children!! After the first session I left information and exercises (Milly thinks they're fun games!)to do and for contact to be made after 2 weeks to update me so that we can assess progress and take things further as needed. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress her committed owners have made.

"I am so impressed with how Tina started working the minute she met Bailey. I felt I had let Bailey down as he was very bouncy and had chewed most furniture, I no longer walked him as had no control and he didnt like leaving the house. This is not a joke or an insider review, this is genuine that by the time Tina left I had been trained enough to enjoy my dog, he is now very much part of the family, the chewing has stopped along with the toileting indoors. Bailey general health and sheer contentment has increased to such extent that I can not recommend BarkBusters highly enough."
J.P., Maidstone, Kent 3rd January 2016
Trainer's Comments:
It is so lovely to hear that this lovely owner is at last enjoying her dog. There is no magic wand, it takes work and commitment, but our methods are simple and make sense. Bailey and his owner have my support to help maintain his new behaviour or to deal with a relapse or anything new that crops up. Happy Bailey, happy owner.

"Our main problem was Charlie's over exuberant reaction to our grandchildren which made visiting us difficult and was going to pose a problem for Christmas (last year a friend took Charlie for Boxing Day to allow them to visit for a day). After the initial lesson in October we carried out training as advised by Tina. We then arranged for Tina to return and our grandchildren to make a visit. She helped us all manage the situation and gave our 6 year old granddaughter tips and advice in how she could help with the process. This Christmas they came to us and stayed for 3 days and everything worked out well. Bark Busters approach enabled us to address and solve a specific problem at home with all the family being involved"
J.H., Gillingham, Kent 30th December 2015
Trainer's Comments:
I was so pleased to have helped this family relax and enjoy family visits rather than be on edge or shut or send their lovely friendly dog away. The children were great, their parents relaxed and I was thrilled to hear that their family Christmas was all they had hoped for.

"Really positive one to one training. I feel there is a little more work to be done with Bill regarding his behaviour towards other dogs, but there was a lot covered in the one afternoon and he has achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, for an older dog (Bill is 11!)"
S.L., Paddock Wood, Kent 29th December 2015
Trainer's Comments:
An old dog CAN learn new tricks!! Bill responded really well and yes there is more work to do, but the basics are now in place and we can move on to the next steps.

"I found the lesson with Tina very interesting and extremely helpful . I have trained several dogs previously using a treat based system which just had not worked with Duke although some elements were there. It made so much sense using dog style communication to "talk" to Duke so he would understand what was good and what was bad and he responded very quickly. I have used a similar idea using horse type behaviour with my horses to communicate with them so I found this approach really practical and was surprised at how quickly Duke started to behave differently"
J.C., Uckfield, East Sussex 27th November 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Once dogs understand us humans better, they find it easy to change their behaviour, once the humans in their life have changed too. I love the natural way this communication works as it becomes a way of life and is easy to follow.


We found Tina to be personable and professional. She listened to our concerns and details of our requirements. Tina went through the issues thoroughly and clearly explained the general theories and methods before demonstrating and then supporting us in practice. We appreciated the ability for hands on practice for all three of us both indoors and outside, with us seeing immediate positive progress. We feel we have the tools and exercises to carry out the training, reporting in two weeks to asses progress and to then arrange a second visit to extend the training and integrate the wider family. However Tina told us that we could contact her anytime in the interim should we have problems.

J.H., Gillingham, Kent 18th October 2015
Trainer's Comments:

A lovely family and a great little dog who, having suffered various health problems had been understandably pampered and allowed to get away with some behaviours that had ultimately become a nuisance and prevented the family from enjoying him to the full.

"A very positive start to the training and we saw some immediate results. We both enjoyed working with Tina, who we found knowledgeable and passionate about her work."
G.T., Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1st October 2015
Trainer's Comments:
This was a puppy session, a very cute and lively young girl who was jumping up, mouthing and beginning to resist coming back when called! She needed more sleep in her crate at weekends especially when life was busy, as she was getting extra naughty! She did understand very quickly so I'm sure her owners will have fun training her to be happy and responsive.

"Very professional,friendly gave me lots of good advice."
C.P., chatham, Kent 28th September 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Lots of Barking was making this owners life difficult as she was worried about upsetting her neighbours. We did lots of work teaching her that barking at normal noises was unnecessary and also did some recall and leadwork. A recent conversations confirmed that she was doing well!

"Tina was extremely helpful during her initial visit and gave us some excellent advice on how to tackle the problems we are having with our two adult dogs. We could see an improvement in their behaviour within two days. The problems are not going to be solved overnight but Tina gave us an insight into why we were having them. Following advice from Tina, our puppy now loves his much more comfortable crate and is using it voluntarily. We look forward to Tina returning and giving us our next lesson in dog behaviour."
M.F., Paddock Wood, Kent 21st September 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Three lovely little dogs, but problems with the adult ones barking unnecessarily with their owners worried that the pup was going to soon join in!! The pup was overtired and over stimulated by being around the older dogs so I advised that he be put in his crate for his daytime rest periods as well as at night to ensure that he was properly rested. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress for myself!

"Looking back, Tina turning up at our front door to help us with our Springer Spaniel and her protectiveness was like an angel arriving in answer to my prayers. The changes she has helped us put in place have given us the dog I always wanted. Although a work in progress still in some areas with implementing the changes we're getting there. I'm so pleased we took out the policy for the rest of Millie's life as it's good to know I have Tina and the Company to turn to for help and guidance when needed. Thank you Tina for your help - much appreciated."
M.L., Sevenoaks, Kent 8th September 2015
Trainer's Comments:
Millie was a problem dog. She had bitten some of the family members when they tried to retrieve stolen items or asked her to move off furniture. I found a dog who thought she'd been promoted to take charge of the whole family, but not being human she was doing it in a canine way. I coached and taught her owners how to calmly show her that actually it was the humans in charge and she accepted the demotion! I also noticed that she had some discomfort in the back which was exacerbating her aggression so she has had a few chiropractic sessions and her exercise was reduced. She is now a much happier girl, understanding the rules and boundaries that dogs need to feel safe and secure in their pack. I am so pleased that I could make a difference to Millie and her family.

"An excellent session with immediate results. The difference in Coco is already very apparent and I have noticed a real change in my relationship with her. Tina was very professional, knowledgable and supportive and is excellent value for money."
M.T., Tonbridge, Kent 2nd September 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A young growing pup who was very boisterous with visitors, jumping up, mouthing, nipping when I arrived, but after a couple of hours, she was a delight! Really wanting to please and loving the "games" we gave her to do with so much praise. The exercises were set up to ensure that she succeeded so with praise she learned very quickly. A really lovely natured young dog is now getting the education to ensure she is a well mannered responsive girl.

"Loads of advice....Daisy listened to Tina and responded well. I'm trying to learn that technique! Think I'm getting there."
A.L., Gillingham, Kent 26th August 2015
Trainer's Comments:
It's all about learning to "speak dog"! A young puppy just needing her general education. Delightful and very responsive. Consistent, calm daily work will get the results!

"There was a lot to learn, but we made fantastic progress."
M.S., Caterham, Surrey 31st July 2015
Trainer's Comments:
A young small dog who greeted me in attack mode! Her barking was non stop, stressed and anxious wanting me to disappear! She did not settle at all. We did a little work, her owner changing the way she communicated with her young dog and I got down low and she eventually plucked up the courage to approach me and we became good friends. It then became easier to teach her and boy was she a quick learner! Naughty dogs are my job, but some are more challenging than others, but once they understand their own language, they relax and enjoy everything! She was a star.

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